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My Vision Board Journey

My Current Vision Board

from Before the Pandemic - 2020

I fell in love with electronic vision boarding and created this one at the beginning of 2020. Electronic (or digital) vision boards make it easy to see your goals on a daily basis. If you don't want to create them electronically, you can simply take a picture of a traditional poster vision board and use as your laptop or smartphone wallpaper.

2015 Vision Board 

from One of My First Day Retreats

My vision got much clearer with my second vision board. It has a spiritual center, which is most important to me. Notice at the top I put the simple word, "Write." I was completely terrified when I added that one word. A good vision board should scare you, at least a little bit.

2008 Vision Board After Watching 

The Secret

My real estate agent took this photo while I was clearing out the garage of my old house. I will always remember my first vision board because I included some pictures that were what I thought I was supposed to want, NOT what I actually wanted.

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