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Everyone wants happiness and freedom from suffering: people, animals, and even insects. The desire for mind-blowing happiness, however, is unique to humans. We have the ability to access our Divine consciousness in ways that other species simply cannot. This innate ability gives rise to a profound desire for exceptional joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

This journal is carefully designed to walk you through the 12-step approach developed over many years of studying Buddhist and yogic philosophy, life coaching strategy and therapeutic techniques. This wisdom is shared in a way that allows you to craft your own story and enhance the trajectory of your life.

As you unfold the joyful truth in each step, you will undoubtedly “juice up” your life’s journey. When life is juicy, it’s rich, ripe and bubbling over with promise. You realize there’s so much inside of you. It’s more than you knew and more than enough. Your cup overflows with abundance. You discover so much goodness, you can’t help but share. You no longer worry about the things you used to. You’re confident about the future. You wake up each day with joy and gratitude.

That’s mind-blowing happiness.

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The quotes and questions are brilliant. I never knew I could make myself happy from the inside out. 

Tami G.